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Fountoukas Theodoros
Makedonikou Agona 19, P.C. 57013
Paleokastro, Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: +30 2310227642
Whatsapp: +30 6947806591

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The Crazysouvle is found in the space of trade from 1972 when gentlemen Iakovidis Spyros and Panareιtιs Yannis, thought that they should create a machine which would help in the manufacture of skewers, something that was difficult, because all the procedure was handmade by that time.

The idea was effectible in few months, when they manufactured the first moulds of the machine, type A, which manufactured 100 skewers of 45gr and exists up to today.

It is truth that this machine played a big role in the reputation of the skewer as one of the Greek traditional dishes.In 1983 afterwards the death of Spyros Iakovidis, the enterprise was separated in two parts and his share was taken in hand by his daughter Artemis, who maintained the company.

Since 2002 the enterprise is under the direction of Fountouka Theodoros, who allocates machines for all types of skewers, depending on the customers’ preferences.